Website Templates In Responsive Design

Website Templates In Responsive Design

We are excited to introduce our new Inspire Line of website templates in responsive design. Whether you have experience in building websites or not, you are going to love using our system. With our new responsive templates your site will be mobile-friendly, meaning it can be viewed on all devices. See all of our website themes here.

Our pricing is simple... $24/month with one time set-up fee of $200. Includes all of our templates that you can switch whenever you like, and also your website hosting. Our live tech support specialists will help you get your site up and running, and always just a phone call away. And remember, there's never a contract or cancellation fee and with a full 60 day money back guarantee, nothing to risk. Call us today at 231-932-0855 or fill out the contact form here and we will call you. Check out all the features of our easy to build responsive templates.

Google recently announced, that beginning April 21st, whether or not your site is mobile-friendly will dramatically affect your SEO ranking. Click here to view article from Google. To test how mobile-friendly your website is according to Google's standards, Click Here

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  • - Custom Design - No worries, if you would like to have a custom designed website or a new logo for your company, we have amazing designers.

  • - Hosting Websites - Sure we can host most websites without any issues, call us first and our top notch technical team will check compatibility.

  • - Co-Location Hosting - We have our own server room at our main office. We can co-locate your server or store your back-ups. Right here in Traverse City, Michigan - Have a summer home or boat in the marina here? We can store your backups and you can write off your visits!

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