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WD Web's friendly and helpful staff

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WD Web is proud of the management, technical, and design professionals that make up the WD Web Team!

Feel free to use this department list to contact a staff member:

President and Co-Founder
Michael Connors,mc@wdweb.com
(231) 932-0855 ext. 15

Sales and Marketing
(231) 932-0855 ext. 10

Sales and Marketing, East Coast
Harry Markel,harry@wdweb.com
(302) 384-2870

Sales & Marketing, PhotoScramble
Eric Freed,eric@wdweb.com
(231) 932-9530 option 11

Graphic & Web Designer
Krystal Comber, krystal@wdweb.com
(231) 932-9530 option 14

Technical Support Team Leader
Brenda Schaub,brenda@wdweb.com
(231) 932-9530 option 29

Technical Support Specialist / LabImages Manager
Tomas Bucco,tomas@wdweb.com
(231) 932-9530 option 19

Technical Support Specialist
Nic Price, nic@wdweb.com
(231) 932-9530 option 13

Web Application & Development
Jeremy Steck, jeremy@wdweb.com
(231) 932-9530 option 27

Network Administrator
Ivan Bannon, ivan@wdweb.com
(231) 932-9530 option 27

Accounting Manager
Diane Carroll,diane@wdweb.com
(231) 932-0855 ext. 10

Accounting Assistant
Barb Martin,barb@wdweb.com
(231) 932-0855 ext. 24

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